We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their confidence in our work, Our vision at Miya’s Foundation would not become a reality without the huge commitment and active contribution from our sponsors and partners. 

The Bra Recycler has been supporting Miya’s Foundation by donating new and pre-loved bras since 2016.  Miya’s Foundation was able to donate some of the bras received to our female veterans in Indianapolis Indiana and has been donating majority of the bras to teens and women in remote areas and villages in Sierra Leone. This items from observation have been truly appreciated by teens who needed these and couldn’t afford them. This bra is considered as one recipient told me “Something her parent said she can do without as long as she is wearing a dress.”  In receiving these bras the teens and other girls in nearby villages look forward to Miya’s Foundation bringing these bras for them every year. This impact does resonate with one of The Bra Recyclers core values; (“#5. Opportunity to reshape the lives of women and girls around the world.”)

Website: www.brarecycling.com

Changing Footprints has been supporting Miya’s Foundation, by donating new and gently used shoes since 2016. With these donation Miya’s Foundation, has distributed over thousand pair of shoes to hundreds of families in Sierra Leone every year since.  Miya’s Foundation, and the beneficiaries of these shoes in Sierra Leone appreciate the great support and partnership of Changing Footprints. Changing Footprints in partner with Miya’s Foundation making difference.

Website: www.changingfootprints.com

Erica Bankston a consultant with Usborne Books and more, has supported the “Miya’s Book Club,” (Maya’s Foundation Inc.) by hosting yearly book drive since 2017.   Erica’s dedication and donors support has gradually increase since start of the book drive. These books are being donated to children and schools in remote villages in Sierra Leone. The responds and appreciation the recipients of these books show are so overwhelming, they also look forward to Miya’s Foundation going to Sierra Leone every year. A book at a time Miya’s Book Club in partnership with Bankston Book Club helps spread literacy.

 Website: www.bankstonbookclub.com

Lambswear is a non-for-profit organization that has partnered with Miya’s Foundation by donating new and gently use clothing for children, toddlers, and teens. These items then donated to children and their family in rural areas and villages in Sierra Leone. Lambswear support has been greatly appreciated especially with some of the clothing been for babies and newborn, Miya’s Foundation makes it a mission to donate these cloths to village maternity clinics were majority of the parents of these newborns do not or couldn’t afford these items for their newborn. The nurses and mothers in these clinics appreciate these donations and are very grateful. Lambswear partnership with Miya’s Foundation donating children’s clothing brings joy to their mother’s.

Website: www.lambswear.org

Kingseed Family Dental has donated hygiene care products to Miya’s Foundation. These products (toothpastes, toothbrushes) were used in putting our hygiene care packages which are used for donation to our Veterans homeless or not during the Stand Down event organized yearly by HVAF (Helping Veterans and Family).  At this event we serve between 250 to 300 care packages to Veterans yearly since 2017. Thanks to the support by Kingseed Family Dental through their donation we are putting a smile at a time.

Website: www.kingseedfamilydental.com

Since 2018 Avon Orthodontics has partnered with Miya’s Foundation by collecting donation of hygiene care product that are used in preparing our hygiene care packages. These products in packages are donated to Veterans during the Stand Down Event. Avon Orthodontics support for our mission makes a difference by putting a smile on our Veterans.

Website: www.avonortho.com 

Meijer grocery store E US HWY 36 Avon Indiana has supported Miya’s Foundation by donating Meijer gift card used to purchase hygiene products used to prepare the hygiene care packages that are donated to Veteran at the yearly Stand Down event for Veterans. With these gift cards Miya’s Foundation purchase female hygiene product as well as males. Since 2018 Meijer has been supporting Miya’s Foundation with these gift cards to help put a smile on our Veterans. 

Website: www.meijer.com

Woman’s Life has partnered with Miya’s Foundation since 2018 by donating the cost of loading. Miya’s Foundation ship the items for donation in Sierra Leone every October. The labor to load the boxes has been paid by Woman’s Life through matching funds from pennies and other cash donation received by Miya’s Foundation. Woman’s Life support to our cause makes a difference in moving forward.

Website: www.womanslife.org

Miya’s Foundation has also been supported by Individual Donors, such as friends, family members and others. Donations ranges from new and or gently used clothing, shoes, school supplies, and some financial donation. These individual helps make a difference by paying it forward. Miya’s Foundation donates the items received to our Veterans and children and family in villages in Sierra Leone.