Miya’s Foundations. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit,  organization, headquartered in Avon, Indiana USA.

We focus in the areas of providing school supplies, new and gently used shoes, clothing and toys to children and their families in Sierra Leone.  During our yearly distribution in Sierra Leone, we also provide food to participants. Miya’s Foundation also distributes hygiene care packages to homeless military veterans in Indianapolis Indiana.

In order to sustain our mission, your Donation will help Miyas’s Foundation help others. We will be able to pay for shipping, handling and clearing to Sierra Leone. Your Donation will also help us purchase things that are not donated in order to help those in need.

Join us in Collecting books, school bags, school supplies, toys, new and gently used clothings, shoes, hygiene care products,  and non perishable foods to help those who need it the most.

Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size. Your donations will be recognized on our website throughout the year.


Our Mission is to engage with enthusiasm and optimism individuals and groups of persons nationally, our focus is to assist Homeless American Veterans in Indiana; we are also seeking to assist youth in overcoming obstacles to the cycle of poverty, general health and education in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We are working to strengthen relationships which facilitate responding to identified needs and formulate realistic goals and their implementation to alleviate barriers to development of human potential through education,  nutrition, health care, and economic progress from poverty.



Miya’s Foundation was inspired by Miya.  At age 6 Miya first visited Sierra Leone for Christmas break. On Christmas morning she asked her mom about Christmas tree and present since there were no present. We told her that not everyone is privileged to receive Christmas gift. She asked us to use money from her piggy bank to purchase gifts on our next visit to Sierra Leone.

Miya is a great helper at school and home. Miya has a warm heart and is eager to learn new things. In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV, playing games, reading, sorting and packing items for Miya’s Foundation.

Lets join Miya in making this world a better place by reaching and helping those in need.

Denise Deen

Denise Deen is the Executive Director of Miya’s Foundation. In her role, Denise handles the day to day operations of the organization, including fundraising, inventory, and event planning for the Africa and Veterans outreach programs.  Denise has a passion for helping people! With this passion, in December 2015, Denise assisted her daughter, Miya to purchased toys and brought used clothing items from what they had at home to take to Sierra Leone to give to underprivileged children for Christmas.  Miya was able to distribute gifts to over fifty children and their families. With this success, Miya’s Foundation was born!

Prior to founding Miya’s Foundation, Denise worked for the Indiana Department of Child Services for 8 years as a Family Case Manager. Denise received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Masters in Philanthropy from Indiana University in Indianapolis Indiana. Denise has 5 children and lives with her husband Indiana. When not working, Denise enjoys cooking, decorating, shopping, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family.

Abdul Deen

Abdul Deen is the Co-Founder of Miya’s Foundation. In his role, Abdul handles the daily operations of the Veterans and Africa outreach programs. This includes inventory, event planning and meetings.  A retired Army Veteran, Abdul can relate to fellow Veterans. He served in the U.S. Army for six years and was deployed to Iraq in 2006. Unfortunately, during his deployment to Iraq, he was injured and as a result, underwent several back surgeries. With pain management and living with the trauma of Iraq, Abdul wants to give back to his fellow Veterans by providing homeless Veterans with hygiene care bags.

Prior to co-founding Miya’s Foundation, Abdul worked for the U.S Army, CVS Pharmacy, and FedEx. Abdul received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Indiana University in Indiana. Born in Sierra Leone, Abdul has 5 children and lives with his wife, Denise in Indiana. When not working, Abdul enjoys flying drones, fishing, traveling, listening to music, and spending time with his family.

Dr Tom & Sarah Morgan

Hello! Kusheo! This is Dr Tom Morgan and Mrs. Sarah  Morgan, we are excited about being a board member for Miya’s Foundation. It is a fascinating story how all the pieces continue to come together from the concept of the foundation to its establishment and to the present growing pains and expansion.

I  Tom am a Family Medicine Board Certified Physician,  a missionary, a minister, husband and father. I Sarah am a board certified Physician Assistant and we are both  Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Sierra Leone, W. Africa). We are parent and Papa and Nana (2 grandchildren).  

We believe in the mission of Miya’s Foundation and encourage you to learn more and join us!

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